I am a writer…even my cat Leo knows that.  I own that label.  In fact, I am proud of having published multiple works.  Yet when it comes to writing a regular blog, I freeze and make all kinds of excuses.  I become overwhelmed.  I can’t figure out the wordpress program.  I have nothing to write about.  Nobody cares what I have to say.  The excuses keep coming and none of them matter.  Heck, they could all be great blog subjects…now there’s an idea.  At the end of the day, it’s about making a commitment to myself and sticking to it.  Who knows, a blog is a great place to write content and maybe what begins as a blog will turn into my next novel.

I’ve learned that as unique and original I believe I am, I’m not.  There is somebody out there that feels that the same way, has had similar experiences, or enjoys the things I enjoy.  I’m guessing that my hesitancy to write a blog is  something shared by others so maybe sharing my journey to blog will help encourage someone else to begin theirs.

Analysis Paralysis is a real thing.  We can get lost in the planning and never take action.  On the other hand, we can dive in without adequate preparation without understanding what’s needed for success…both can lead to disaster. I tend to be the latter.   I’m not one for research and usually find myself diving in, thinking I can do this without completely understanding the steps involved.  Unfortunately, I also sometimes squirrel.  Meaning I get sidetracked by some new idea that distracts me from my goal.  I don’t give things enough time to work and I don’t always lay the foundation to allow the ideas to germinate and grow.  Ugh

The key to any sort of growth is consistency.  Doing something on a regular basis and creating a habit out of it.  The content is less important than the fact that you did the activity and eventually overtime the quality of the content will improve.   I’ve heard it said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit.  I’ve also been told to only commit to what you can see yourself doing on a regular basis.

Another key is to start small and work towards a goal.  I have a tendency to dream big, go for the gold, and then wonder why things didn’t work out as I imagined they would.  I go from a dead stop to speeding at 110 without necessarily doing the ground work necessary to get me up to speed.  That doesn’t work.  Invariably, something falls in the cracks and you end up having to go back and fix it.  I’ve heard people say fake it until you make it.  Just jump in and that’s all good but it’s less overwhelming if you have a systematic approach.  Write down all the things you need to do and then check them off as you go.  Seeing all those items crossed off your list is a pretty heady feeling.

Finally, it’s really important to have a support system.  Surround yourself with people who may not completely understand your vision but they support your drive and determination.  They want you to win.   They also can’t be afraid to tell you when something needs to be re-evaluated, redesigned, or even scrapped.  Someone who is afraid to voice an opinion and simply says yes to all your ideas doesn’t really help you move forward.  I know I get more excited about projects when I get positive feedback from friends and SALES…those are like caffeine on steroids.

Let’s get started and write.  Share a piece of your soul and inspire someone else…maybe me.  I’m not going to promise to write daily or weekly but I will write.  It feels good to write and that’s the state of mind I enjoy!