Welcome to my blog. I have shied away from publically identifying as Author Susan Lehmkuhl until recently. I’m not sure why because I’m pretty good. I’ve wanted to be recognized as a good…no a rememberable writer, but I have been hesitant to put my work out and claim it. Today, I am committing to owning my identity, Author Susan Lehmkuhl.

As a writer, you would assume that creating a blog is easy. Sitting down, putting your thoughts on paper or on the computer in a somewhat orderly fashion that is intriguing and entertaining. It is anything but… I have always been my biggest and hardest critic. It has only been in the last year that I have opened myself up to sharing my work with others. Sure, I’ve written stories, created graphics, or designed other media but I have been very hesitant to put it out for mass consumption. I’ve kept my circle very small and “safe”

When the pandemic shut the world down, I found an outlet in writing. In the past I had written short erotic stories. I had only shared them with a very few number of trusted individuals. The reviews were raving but I was still unsure of sharing them outside a very closed circle. They showed a side of me that I have struggled to fully accept. I’m not sure if I was embarrassed or just insecure. Today I can say it was, and is, insecurity that stops me and it is something I am working to conquer daily. This blog is part of that journey.

So I am committing to owning my identity, author Susan Lehmkuhl and doing my best to write on a weekly basis a blog that is unedited (mostly) to pull back the layers of who I am. Welcome to Author Susan Lehmkuhl, a woman, a writer, and a ball of chaotic stardust ever-evolving to become my highest and best version.

So who am I? I am a dynamic, beautiful, mysterious woman full of yet-to-be-discovered ambitions, experiences, and love. I was born May 17, 1963 in Billings, Montana. My biological mother made the decision to give me up for adoption and I became the daughter of Don & Vivian Budde. Little did I know, that was the greatest gift my birth mother could have given me and the beginning of an epic story that continues today…