In April of this year my mom had an accident which made it necessary for me to help care for her on the day to day. For 91 she is doing amazingly well but she is having some memory issues, is a fall risk, and shouldn’t be driving so I sold my car and my condo, packed up the dog and the cat, and we all moved into her place. I also made the decision to step away from real estate full-time to be more available to her. It’s been an adjustment for all of us.

One of the major considerations in all of this was that in moving away from real estate, I would be stepping away from my only source of income. Luckily I made a good profit selling my condo but after paying off her reverse mortgage and doing some remodeling, the funds are headed in the wrong direction. Ever the optimist, I looked for the blessings in all that we are experiencing and focused on the fact that this is an opportunity for me to focus on my passion which is being creative!

Unfortunately just being creative doesn’t pay the bills. Folks want products or services along with that creativity. (Silly people. LOL) I have GREAT ideas but struggle with the implementation. I have created an amazing line of greeting cards that everyone loves but I give away more than I sell. I have written poetry and published 3 Chapbooks but sales have been dismal at best. I have an online store that hasn’t had more than a handful of sales from friends or family. I started creating unique and beautiful creations by putting my designs on backpacks and bags which I am selling at craft shows and farmers markets but so far booth fees have taken all my profits. I have also started to market my designs for backpack and bags to small nonprofits to help them raise money and well…you guessed it, things aren’t taking off.

To make an income being creative regardless of how wonderful your crafts, books, cards, etc. might be, you have to have an audience. You need eyes on your products or no one will ever know about them. That’s where my struggle has been. I have always tried to do it myself. I get gung-ho, sign-up for a new platform, or new program and then I get nowhere except frustrated.

I’m SLOWLY learning I need help to implement systems and programs that will get me where I want to go. I am learning to ask for help and guidance. I am learning my voice is worthy to be heard!

Your voice is also worthy to be heard! Speak up and speak out!

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