Just when I think things are moving forward at a steady pace, in a good direction, and I’m in the flow the UNIVERSE sends a curveball. I wrote my first blog post back in March with the intention of writing at least weekly. As you can see I haven’t done very well keeping that commitment to myself and my readers. I can make all kinds of excuses to avoid taking responsibility for my lack of keeping my word but honestly, I had the time and PLENTY to talk about. I just didn’t make it a priority. That one is on me.

On April 23, my 91-year-old mom had an accident, and since I have become her full-time caregiver. Until then, she had been pretty self-sufficient. She drove, lived alone, and managed things pretty well. On that day, she was taking herself to an eye appointment. She got in her van, drove out of the garage, and then to close the garage door, she exited the vehicle but forgot to put the van in park. The car knocked her down and rolled over the calf of her left leg. Miraculously it appeared that no damage was done and although somewhat dazed, she got herself back into the van and went off to her appointment. The people at her eye doctor commented on her disheveled appearance and gasped at the emerging bruise on her leg. They advised her to seek medical attention and instead, she came to me. I took one look at her leg and after hearing her story, I insisted we got to urgent care.

The physician at Urgent Care took one look at her leg, was concerned it was broken or crushed and said it needed to be x-rayed. Because of mom’s age and her elevated blood pressure, she called an ambulance which transported her to a local hospital. At hospital, they took images of her leg and to everyone’s surprise, there were no broken bones. It appeared that it was just a superficial wound…

One of the body’s natural responses to deep trauma is to create blisters. Over the course of the next few hours, mom’s leg went from being bruised, swollen, with a small scratch to a series of huge angry ugly blisters that covered the entire shin area. She ended up spending a night in the hospital and was released the next day with instructions to see her primary care physician within the week and that home healthcare workers would be stopping in to see her. We weren’t given instructions on caring for her leg or blisters which were draining excessively.

She was released on a Thursday and it wasn’t until the following week that anyone reached out to schedule home healthcare. Initially it was physical therapy. The therapist asked when the nurse was coming and we explained that we hadn’t seen or heard from a nurse. He promised to get that taken care of and immediately started making calls. 2 days later when he returned again, we still hadn’t heard from a nurse and I was having to tend to mom’s leg. Not in my wheelhouse but I was doing the best I could. As he started to work with Mom, she was visibly agitated and felt dizzy. He recognized that she was experiencing a TIA and called the paramedics who took her to the emergency room.

Mom spent 2 nights in the hospital before being sent to a rehab center for 10 days. During that time, it was suggested that she no longer live alone and the decision was made for me to move into her home. I was living about 2 blocks away in my own condo with my dog, cat, and all my belongings. Since this was going to be a permanent arrangement, I began the process of determining what was essential and needed to be kept versus everything else. Her house was loaded so bringing any of my furnishings was out of the question. I was given the use of her guest bedroom and bath with most of my things either going in the garage, the closet, or hidden on the back patio. Luckily, the market is favorable to seller’s and once listed my condo went under contract quickly. HUGE relief although I’m still waiting for it to close.

Since her release from rehab, we have been cohabitating. I make sure she eats 3 square meals plus snacks, keeps off her leg, and takes all her meds. I drive her to any appointments. It has been adjustment for both of us. Neither of us had lived with anyone else for years. She has had to adjust to having both a cat and a dog around. She is a neat freak. I am not. We enjoy different TV programs. She likes the house on the warm side and I prefer it cool. She can’t hear well and I have to yell then she gets mad because I haven’t learned to sound happy yelling. Like I said…an adjustment.

I am getting back into a groove rekindling the creative process. I haven’t written or designed anything since all this started. I’ve let things slide and it’s time to reign in the chaos. I have made so much progress and I refuse to backslide. I have been working on writing some new poetry. It’s been slow coming. I also am committed to revisiting the novellas that I started last year. The characters are calling to me. It’s time I answer.

That’s the great thing about life. We have the ability to reboot and restart. Yes, we have to deal with the consequences of decisions and actions taken in the past but we can begin again… Well most of us can but that is a topic for another day.

I’m back and will do my best to write, write, write.