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Susan Lehmkuhl is an author, speaker and a Phoenix AZ realtor with a passion for creativity, empowerment and magick. Growing up she dreamed of a career in the arts but as life often does, things went sideways and she found herself living a very different life than the one she had imagined.

Fast forward past a 20-year relationship and 2 amazing children, she found herself divorced and uncertain about what she wanted to do or how she was going to make a living. Out of necessity, she obtained her real estate license and embarked upon a successful career as a realtor.

It was during this same period, Susan began to explore various spiritual dogmas in her search for a connection to a higher power. She’d grown up Baptist and was married to a Catholic yet her own beliefs had never really aligned with either of those more conventional ideologies. She always had an affinity for alternative beliefs systems that included the “supernatural”, intuitive interests and magick. It was through a series of opportunities to experience the teachings of various practitioners both local and online that led her to find her identity as a wytch.

Within the magick community, Susan has found a path that makes sense and that freedom has allowed her to reignite her creativity. Susan considers herself an eclectic practitioner of what resonates with her spirit and openly identifies as a wytch, even branding herself as the Real Estate Wytch.

Susan has found her voice through magick and uses writing as a creative outlet for her varied interests. She recently published her first book which is a collection of poetry titled “Fire from Ice. Ramblings from a Wytch’s Soul Re-Ignited ” In it, she uses poetry to cast attention on those issues that mean something to her including equal rights for women and minorities, mental health, judicial reform, and reincarnation.


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