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Seduction 171


Seduction is a collection of poems celebrating your innate sexual nature whether you are single or in a relationship, male or female.  

Transitions 3


Transitions uses poetry to speak candidly about mental illness, depression, dying, and what comes next.

Fire From Ice

Fire from Ice

Fire from Ice are expressions of her wisdom and insight  addressing topics such as political observations, online dating, judicial injustice, and life after death.



Foreplay is a collection of poems, short stories, and beautiful photography meant to get under your skin to touch your soul.

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Celebrate Your Soul Feminine

I personally love this book. It is full of vibrant wisdom and life poems that many can relate to. I look up to author and courageous battle in life. This book is worth every penny.

Kaisha Doyle

Susan’s poems are meaningful, heartfelt and inspiring. These poems are well worth reading! The book would make a great gift for family or friends! Definitely a great “coffee table book”.

Kim Watterson


Rhythmic and insightful poems worth adding to any bookshelf.

– Amazon customer


Susan’s voice is inspiring and soul grabbing. I related to all these poems. I felt what she said like it happened to me which some of them have.

– Amazon Customer


I could feel so much through these poems. Feelings this person has felt and feelings that I have felt myself.

– Amazon Customer

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